Diagnotes On Call retrieves patient information directly from a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and delivers it automatically to on-call healthcare providers through their smartphone. With real-time access to patient records, healthcare providers can make more confident diagnoses and prescribe effective and safe treatment plans during any on-call patient encounter. They can even dictate encounter notes directly to the EMR, communicate with colleagues and connect to the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Diagnotes is led by CEO Dave Wortman, an experienced tech executive and entrepreneur (co-founder: Pritzker; former CEO: Made2Manage [NASDAQ: MTMS] and Mezzia) and venture capital partner (Spring Mill VP, Midwest VP).  App development is fueled by CTO Bharath Bynagari, a 15-year IT industry veteran with Eli Lilly, Stanley Works, and FirstDataBank, and also founder of Mavensphere, an IT consultancy.

For more information about Diagnotes On Call, please visit www.diagnotes.net.

 For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Marc J. Kleinman:  mjk@MJKlifescience.com


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