Pearl Pathways

Pearl Pathways is a comprehensive life science product development services company, led by an experienced management team obsessed with expediting life science product development regulatory pathways.  Every day Pearl’s team strives to provide customers top quality service, unyielding ethics, and efficient services through three distinct business units. We protect human subjects and drive improved value and efficiency in protocol reviews and implementation through Pearl IRB . We provide a regulatory and quality compliance consulting practice through Pearl ReGXP . Finally, we provide strategic product development assistance and a number of other services through our consulting practice, Pearl IDEAS.

Pearl Pathways was co-founded by President Diana Caldwell, MBA; and COO Gretchen Miller Bowker, MS/RAC, both of whom have been involved in drug, device or diagnostic research, development, and commercialization for over 45 combined years. Their backgrounds blend a strong mix of large sponsor, small start up, and a range of service providers in the drug and device development field.  They are driven by bringing healthcare solutions to patient’s faster, customer service, getting it done right the first time, and high quality answers for clients.

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