Business Development

MJK Life Science Solutions‘ primary purpose is to grow your business.  Whether your company started as a discovery made in a lab, a prototype resulting from years of work, or an idea scratched on a napkin, MJK will help you along the path from those first embryonic stages to a mature and fully-operational business.

Services including:

  • Business plan development
  • New business research
  • Alliance management
  • Fundraising campaigning
  • Management team recruiting
  • Presentation/pitch preparation
  • Growth opportunity identification
  • And more…

Without a strategic, proactive, and constantly-evolving business development campaign, it is virtually impossible for any start-up or early-stage company–particularly one based in healthcare technology–to grow beyond the seed stages.  MJK ensures that the right people have access to your company’s unique ideas and products, and that those valuable assets are being steered in the most advantageous and productive direction for your business.

 For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Marc J. Kleinman:

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