Intellectual Property

For virtually every start-up or early-stage company in the healthcare and medical technology sectors, intellectual property (IP) is the foundational asset on which any subsequent business is built.  MJK Life Science Solutions helps you formulate the strategies and priorities that will govern IP-related decisions and shape future business.

In order to create the most effective IP strategy, a company’s leadership must be acutely aware of several diverse and often complex factors: the proposed patent claims, any prior art or potentially competitive technologies, the target US and international markets, the distinctions between domestic and foreign patent protection, the costs involved, etc.

IP Services include:

  • Prior art searches
  • Office action responses
  • Strategy and forecasting
  • Patent claim development
  • USPTO and international filing
  • Patent application prosecution
  • Partnership with legal counsel
  • Licensing to/from universities
  • Licensing to/from industry
  • Costing and budgeting

MJK is prepared and proud to assist your biotech, lab, IT group or other healthcare-focused company either in evaluating your current IP strategy, or in formulating the optimal approach to protect your intellectual assets moving forward.

 For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Marc J. Kleinman:


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