Project Management

The simple fact is this: if you run a biotech, healthcare IT group, or other start-up company seeking to improve healthcare and medical technology, your resources are most likely spread pretty thin. Your business may even be suffering from the unfortunate (but not uncommon) condition of never being more than about 2 weeks from closing its doors.

MJK Life Science Solutions provides an additional layer of resources to help you plan, implement, and manage project-level work that allows your business to grow and thrive. There’s a perilous gray area with which every entrepreneur is familiar–when you need important work done, but you can’t possibly find the time to do it yourself, and it’s not quite enough to justify a new full-time employee. That’s when MJK steps in to take the reins and see your projects through to fruition.

Whether it’s developing business plans, presentations, marketing tools, and websites; conducting background research, market landscapes, and competitive profiling; or implementing lead generation, sales and fundraising campaigns–whether it’s solitary research and writing, or collaborative establishment and management of partnerships and programs, MJK Life Science Solutions can work with you to ease your corporate burden and eliminate important tasks from your to-do list more quickly.

 For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Marc J. Kleinman:


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