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Many inexperienced life science and healthcare entrepreneurs convince themselves that marketing and sales are a future concern. And with all of the effort and attention that must go into the development of life science technology, biomedical research and healthcare IT–not to mention the fundraising and management efforts required to grow a start-up or early-stage company–it is easy to understand why so many lose sight of the industries, institutions, and individuals that will ultimately serve as their customers.

MJK Life Science Solutions understands the need for young and growing business to have an keen awareness, deep understanding, and shrewd foresight regarding the end-users of their products and services. Whether your target market is major corporations, physicians, labs, patients or consumers–MJK helps your company keep this critical question in mind from the very beginning:

Who are we trying to help?

  • Competitive landscape
  • Corporate positioning
  • Customer landscape
  • Brand messaging
  • Market research
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Market modeling
  • Disease demographics
  • Direct marketing outreach

Clearly understanding your exact population of patients, clients or consumers can have a dramatic impact on your company’s marketing and corporate strategy moving forward.  It is critical to know exactly what your product is intended for; who your markets are comprised of; where those markets are located; the likely level of consumer, patient, or physician interest in the product; what those end-users can afford; the financial opportunity associated with the market; and additional layers of complex variables.

Market modeling leads directly to the development of the most effective marketing materials and tools, from the company’s stated vision, message and corporate positioning, to its press releases, publications, advertising, and outreach efforts to the community and industry at large.

Sales services:

  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Prospect outreach
  • Alliance management
  • Sales pipeline oversight
  • Presentations and negotiations
  • Customer and employee training
  • Pilot/trial planning and implementation

These are just a few of the many critical elements of an effective marketing and sales campaign that can serve to shape the commercialization and development strategies of your company.  The most effective marketing campaign means the best sales results and back-end return on your (and others’) investment.  MJK Life Science Solutions looks forward to assisting with all of your company’s marketing and sales needs.

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